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IMPROPER ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS: The Legacy Companies is not responsible for the repair or replacement of failed or damaged components resulting from electrical power failure, the use of extension cords, low voltage, or voltage drops to the unit. The warranty is VOID in case of non conformity of the purchased product with the local standards, such as voltage, frequency, power plugs, or other local technical specifications. (For example, consumer purchases a 110V product on Amazon and uses the product in a 220V country. The warranty is VOID!)

OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA: The warranty duration is the one in the country of USAGE of the product, even if the product was purchased in another listed country with different warranty duration. Please contact the local distributor or Greenfield WorldTrade. / +1-954-202-7336. The Legacy Companies is not responsible for any warranty claims made on products sold or used outside North America and or any territories of the United States of America. At this time, Nautilus does not have service centers in Canada. Therefore, Canadian customers will have to pay for shipping to and from the USA for service.

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General Questions

Yes you can! And it's easy with Nautilus AND inexpensive. Steam distilling (which is Nautilus' method) is the process of boiling water in an enclosed container to capture the steam, or pure H20 and then collecting it into a connected container. As the steam rises, it’s collected in a separate container. When the water in the first container has been boiled entirely away, all that remain are the minerals, chemicals, and other contaminants that were in the water. The water that fills the second container is nothing but 100% H2O, with zero contaminants or minerals.

Saves money! In a store you are likely to pay $1.50 or more for 20 ounces of water. Water that's not really pure water. It's most likely spring water that may have been purified by reverse osmosis. Not only is bottled water more expensive per ounce than gas, it’s also bad for the environment. In fact, according to Mother Nature Network, bottled water produces 1.5 million tons of plastic waste each year. All this plastic takes 47 million gallons of oil to produce, and only 20% of these plastic bottles are ever recycled.

Convenient! With Nautilus, you can distill water at home or in your commercial establishment, each day or night.

Healthy! It's pure water; pure H2O.

Emergencies! If a natural disaster occurs or you're in an area under "boiled water" advisory, no need to water. Nautilus distillers can purify any type of water! Muddy water, hazardous waste water, etc. All you need is electricity or a generator. The Nautilus distiller will change dirty water into safe, drinkable water.

The cost of the distiller + the cost of the collection jug (if it's not included). And, depending on location, approximately $50 annually for electricity if the distiller is run every day.

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Operating your distiller

No you don't. For installation of the Water Filtration Systems (countertop and undercounter) you will need a professional plumber to assist in installing.

To keep your Distiller looking new, periodically clean the exterior plastic surfaces with a soft, damp cloth. DO NOT use any caustic cleaning solutions, scouring pads or powders because they will damage the plastic finish. For products that have a filter, please replace the filter as indicated (every two to three months). Replace more often should the distilled water begin to have an unwanted taste or odor. Clean the carafe with mild dish detergent and soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly. Before or after every distillation cycle, follow the instructions for cleaning the kettle. For most products, it's as simple as rinsing the inside of the kettle with lukewarm tap water and remove any loose residue. Clean by wiping out the inside of the kettle with a damp cloth and rinse. If scale starts to form at the bottom, use an approved cleaner/descaler to remove deposits. Diluted white vinegar or automatic coffee pot cleaner may also be used. Use a soft plastic or nylon scouring pad if needed. DO NOT use abrasive cleansers, caustic acids, steel wool pads, or metal utensils. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. DO NOT operate Distiller with a cleaning solution in kettle.

Common troubleshooting tips

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Donna Sneider


"It's amazing, the amount of contamination in the bottom of the boiler. We're very pleased with our distiller. We had been buying bottled distilled water by the gallon- very expensive. Not anymore! Just do it myself. Thanks!"

Robert Brozowski


"I own the 8 gallon stainless distiller and I never worry about running out of good drinking water. I can convert almost any type of water into clean drinking water. Peace-of-mind!"

Francis-Joan Jennings


"At first, I thought the Nautilus Stainless unit was a bit expensive. But it's solidly built and Made in the USA. I'm saving a ton of money, simply distilling tap water. And the water tastes so clean."

Joseph Friduor


" I've been drinking distilled water for close to 30 years. Some people will say it robs minerals from the body. I will tell you otherwise! So will my doctors. I'm glad I recently invested in the Nautilus distiller. I drink thousands of gallons of distilled water. I have both the stainless version and the plastic version."

Linda Klufander


"My pasta, vegetables, etc. cooked in distilled water, are the best tasting! After the purification process, I was surprised at the amount of impurities left over. Glad that didn't go into my body!"

Ella Dupper


"The plastic distiller is super easy to use. Doesn't take up a lot of room. And the water tastes so good!"